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Saturday, November 30, 2013

WRECKER - Now in Paperback


                                Now in Paperback: & Barnes & Noble



Book Review
Reviewed by Steven Daws for Readers' Favorite ****

Tara Gibbons lives with her father and was between jobs until she was hired by Cole Wilson at the garage he had opened a year earlier in Limerick, Pennsylvania. Now, she was picking up wrecked cars like the red Corvette being driven by Wendy Carl. What she didn’t know was that someone else had been at the scene before her, and that this person would turn her world upside down. As she started to fall for her employer Cole, she would become embroiled in a series of events that she would struggle to understand. Cole Wilson had a thriving business, but he also had a dark past that he tried to keep quiet, that was until a mysterious stranger walked back into his life. Who was this person? Why does he have such an effect on Cole? And why can he not confide in anyone, even Tara? These questions will push Tara and Cole to the limit and ultimately threaten their very lives. 

Set in the small town of Limerick, Pennsylvania, this suspense thriller by Tamara Lawrence had me guessing from the very first page. The main characters of Tara, Cole and of course the mysterious stranger, are written beautifully. They are well-rounded and are people you can really care about. That doesn’t mean the other characters are any less interesting. They each plays an integral part in the story. In fact this goes for the whole story, nothing is brushed over or incomplete. So I needed to pay attention to all the details as there is little given away. The story builds nicely from the start and sets a good pace so that you aren’t bored. The chapters are also well-thought-out so that you are left with a bit of a cliff hanger that makes you want to keep reading. The showdown is pitched very well so that you feel all the ends are tied up. In short, I thoroughly enjoyed "Wrecker" by Tamera Lawrence, "Wrecker" is a wonderfully written suspense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

HOUSE: Book Review

House by Frank Peretti

's review
Nov 13, 13  ·  edit

Read from August 27 to October 31, 2013

Are you a sinner? Do you know what a sin is? Perhaps in today's world, a sin might be unrecognized. But in House, sinners are welcome in every shape, size and age. In fact, they are encouraged to act on their sins and feed on their desires.

When a wayward couple needs help, their hope lies in what appears to be a beautiful estate in the middle of a bleak landscape. But what seems like hope quickly changes to dread as they are snared by evil.

This cat and mouse tale is a maze of wonder, discomfort, and pain. For terror and truth lies around every corner. What can seem like heaven at first, can become your own private hell. Take a taste and see for yourself. Perhaps you will examine your own sin...:)

A good read by talented authors.
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