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Sunday, May 1, 2016


MOTHER’S DAY Movie Review

Mother’s day is a time to honor that special person who we pay tribute to as "mother." It doesn’t necessarily have to be a birth mother. But the distinctive women in our lives who we want to honor on that one special day or perhaps in memory only for those who’ve passed on.

In the movie Mother’s Day, several stories are outlined. Two sisters are estranged from their mother due to their differences, one racial and the other a same-sex union.  A man has to deal with the loss of his wife and raising two daughters. Another woman struggles with allowing her children to spend more time with their younger, attractive stepmother. Then there is the story of a conflicted woman, who was adopted, seeking resolution about her existence even while her birth mother is seeking her own. The blending storylines flow between the various characters with a few funny moments, a few profound and yet others a bit stale. The good outweighs the bad. The cast is a lively crew. Julie Roberts scarcely looks like anyone’s grandmother and Jennifer Aniston hardly needs to compete with anyone in looks.

 I would say the bloopers exposed at the end of the movie evoked the most laughter from the audience.

Overall not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.

Movie reviewed: Tamera Lawrence 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Miracles From Heaven: Movie Review

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From the birds, trees, flowers and yes even the bugs we see a rejuvenation of life each spring. The days begin to warm. The grass grows. Summer vacations, picnics and swimming may stir our thoughts. In many ways we ourselves wake from our winter stupor. But for many believers in faith spring is also a sign of life returning to the earth - in many ways resembling the resurrection of Christ. Some might even say spring is a miracle in its own right. But do miracles exist? Would we even know one if we saw it?

For the Beam family, they were in desperate need of a miracle.  Their daughter Annabel, has a stomach disorder, which prevents her from digesting her food. At first their pleas for help in the medical community are swept away. But further testing proves that indeed Annabel is suffering from an intestinal disorder that can take her life at any time. The outlook is grim. Thus begins a regime of medicine and tubal feedings. The family finds renewed hope in an out-of-state doctor that specializes in Annabel’s condition, but managing to see this doctor is a costly feat in itself. In the end this wonderful specialist only offers pain management for Annabel, to help give her a semblance of a normal existence.

Annabel’s sisters try to cheer up their depressed sister. Soccer and climbing trees is a sisterly favorite. But when Annabel falls into a hollowed out tree, this terrible accident leads to an incredible miracle.

Need your faith revived? Miracles from Heaven, though a tear jerker, can aim you in the right direction. If you liked faith based movies, than you will not be disappointed. I enjoyed this movie more than some of the more recent faith based features. Perhaps many of us will never encounter such a spectacular miracle such as the Beam family, but maybe we can discover those smaller miracles that only we can embrace and claim for our very own.

Reviewed by: Author Tamera Lawrence 


The Pond
Ghosts of Mayflower 
Pennhurst Ghosts of Mayflower II
The Serpent's Mark

Sunday, March 13, 2016



Imagine waking up after a terrible accident only to find yourself lying on a mattress, attached to a wall in what appears to be a basement. Wondering where you are and how you got there, confusion would be your initial reaction. Then terror would strike when you meet the man who is either your savior or would be killer with an incredible story. But is it true? 

Welcome to 10 Cloverfield Lane. This address holds a hidden bunker ready to handle your life support over an extended period of time. But is it all that it seems or is there something more sinister going on?

          Three players. One goal. To survive.

          10 Cloverfield Lane is a suspense thriller designed to stimulate a viewer’s anxiety, and does so effectively.  I especially liked the statement that 'you don’t wait until after the flood to build an ark.' Makes sense, don’t you think.

Strange but good, this movie is worth your time, though you can add your own conclusion about the key players and what makes them tick.

Reviewed by: Author Tamera Lawrence 

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016



Coastal storms. They wreak havoc on shorelines, structures and lives. History reveals the devastation and loss during these storms. But out of destruction, tales emerge of courage and bravery. Thankfully the magic of movies makes it possible for us to take a glimpse into the past.
Based on a true event, the movie The Finest Hours gives a glimpse into the courageous human heart. One could hope that if faced with a perilous situation, men like these heroes would emerge to save each and every one of us from peril.
            The year is 1952. Bernie Webber is awkward and shy, especially around the ladies. He has the reputation of being “a good man.” Loyal to his duties with the coastguard, Bernie finds himself engaged to a gutsy, young woman. 
            On February 18th 1952, just off the coast of Cape Cod, the SS Pendleton has broken in half during a terrible winter storm. Rescuing the crew from the oil tanker, however, has its own sets of problems. Manpower is lacking since the coastguard is already helping another distressed tanker, ironically also split in two.  
The decision is made for Bernie Webber and three other men to take a lifeboat to rescue the men aboard the Pendleton. Two story lines emerge - one of the men fighting for their lives on what’s left of the Pendleton tanker and the other - the overwhelming task facing Bernie and his crew as they face an ominous ocean bent on destruction.
            Dread. Constant and true. That’s the feeling THE FINEST HOUR evokes while watching this film. Although the film starts out a little slow, when it takes you in, it takes all of you. Be prepared to roll emotionally along with the towering waves.
Loved this movie. Highly recommended.

Author Tamera Lawrence 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

THE BOY Movie Review

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THE BOY Movie Review

Finding a live-in nanny can be a tedious task, especially when the job location is secluded and isolated. Even if a prospective nanny could overcome the isolation issue, she must be able to connect with the child or children in her care and be able to handle the task at hand.

This is a perfect hideaway for someone looking to be lost.
Greta is happy to find employment.  The old English mansion is impressive, nostalgic and a perfect place to hole up for a few months.  She is eager to meet her new charge, an eight-year old boy, named Brahms. But to her disbelief, Brahms is a life size porcelain doll, whose parents dote on his every whim. Imagined or not, Greta is given a set of daily rules to keep Brahms happy. If she fails to follow the schedule, she is warned Brahms might get upset. But after Brahms parents leave for a holiday, Greta is only too happy to dismiss the ridiculous rules and treat Brahms like the doll he is.  Only, Brahms isn’t too happy with his new treatment, In fact, he plays a few nasty tricks on Greta to assure her he’s real. The question then becomes, “Will Greta follow the rules or pay the price?”

Mixing a blend of mystery and suspense, THE BOY has a few perks for thrill seekers. But with any good horror story, there has to be a few twists. The Boy delivers on a few, though some of them feel rather familiar.

 Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.

Author Tamera Lawrence 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016



By Tamera Lawrence

Diplomatic relations between countries is a balancing, sometimes dangerous line of work for the American men and women who physically live and breathe foreign air. Challenges and opposition can come from hostile communities, especially when the anniversary of 911 arrives.
In the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya is under attack by Islamic militants. Ambassador Chris Stevens and other American employees are in terrifying danger. But when the cry for help is sent out, no one is heeding the call. After being told to stand down, Six Annex security forces ignore the orders and step up to the plate, putting their lives on the line to fend off the militants. Outnumbered and unsure of who to trust, these true American patriots charge ahead and face down the radicals bent on destroying American lives at all cost.  
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is a stimulating look at just how dangerous it can be to be an American citizen in a foreign land when you face hostile forces, who want to kill Americans.  Although there is controversy over who is to blame for the Benghazi loss of lives, the movie doesn’t point a finger or name names. Instead this true life incident speaks for itself and the step by step play of events.

This should story stands on its own. You be the judge. 

 In an event, American movie goers will feel a sense of pride over the patriotic stance taken in the movie and the sacrifice made by the men who took charge.  

I’d recommend this movie for its action and forthrightness.  

Reviewed by Author Tamera Lawrence 

Friday, January 15, 2016


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Holiday ham evokes memories of home and family. Sizzling bacon entices the senses. Lunch meat is commonplace for most luncheons. Most of us enjoy the salty flavor of pork. But how often do we think about the animal we eat? A pig is often thought of as a penned animal, docile for the most part, lazy and fat. They are often dirty, enjoying slop and rolling around in the mud. A few lucky pigs have even become treasured pets.  
But what happens when a pig goes feral. Or a group of them? Crazed eyes, grotesque snot and a shrilly whine might become your worst nightmare as they arrive to chew on your hide.

When The Devil Climbs by Drake Vaughn gives us a glimpse into Russ Grote’s world. A convicted felon, Drake works along others like himself, hanging bill board signs. The work is tedious and often dangerous. Electrocution and taking a nasty fall are particularly worrisome to the men. Working with harden criminals brings about its own set of problems. Tempers mount along with grudges. And it doesn’t help if the boss is abusive and treats you like crap. But this hardened group of men are up against a new challenge – pigs.  But not just any pigs, no these pigs have a taste for blood and will do anything to get it.

When The Devil Climbs will leave you thinking about that other white meat. Perhaps you won’t want to eat that bacon after all. Vividly descriptive, The Devil Climbs is a well-written belly churner filled with glorious detail.

A must read for die hard horror fans. 

Author Tamera Lawrence



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