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Monday, June 13, 2016

THE CONJURING 2: Movie Review

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            Children have great imaginations. There is a natural fear of monsters and what’s lurking in the dark. But what if something really is lurking in the shadows. Something terrifying.
 In 1977, Enfield, North London, Janet Hodgson has an interest in the occult, creating her own Ouija board. Although a direct link isn’t placed upon this practice during the film, many people will agree that this can be a dangerous pastime, especially for a child. Opening these channels to suppressed evil can only lead to chaos and spiritual discord.
Young Janet is plagued with sleepwalking, shaking beds, missing objects, levitation and the ability to bring forth a gravelly male voice that is truly terrifying to hear. The other family members, mostly her younger brother all begin to have unexplained occurrences. The family is desperate for help, leading to the renown Warrens.
            Documenting their investigations, paranormal experts, Lorraine and Ed Warren have written books, lectured and made television appearances about the occult. One of their most famous cases was the Amityville Horror. Many are skeptically of the Warrens, calling them frauds. The Warrens are sent to Enfield to investigate if young Janet and her family are truly besieged by spirits or by the fanciful imagination of a teenage girl. Their main objective is to find out if the Catholic church needs to get involved. After that things go haywire.
The Warrens get more than they bargained for as they are drawn into the desperate plight of a child, who has no hope for a resolution. Ed and Lorraine will come face to face with the demon that haunts their own nightmares.  Winner takes all in this deadly cat and mouse game.  
            If you are seeking a scare, THE CONJURING 2 delivers on all accords. And with the added footage of the actual event, you might not sleep a wink.
This sequel is better than its predecessor.
            But whether you believe or not in the paranormal, The Conjuring 2 will give you food for thought. So feed your spirit and go see it for yourself.
            Perhaps you’ll find your way back to church.

Author Tamera Lawrence 

             THE POND (AWARD WINNING) 
              THE WRECKER 
              THE SERPENT'S MARK
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