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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tamera Lawrence's Reviews > "Boy Who Dreams" (Destiny Awoken, #1) By Author Cesar

's review ***** (5 Stars)
Apr 03, 12

Read in April, 2012

Sixteen year old Jordan Fitzpatrick is a boy that dreams. Not ordinary dreams, but extraordinary dreams. Images of dragons flourish in Jordan’s nightmares, visions of school, death and sometimes destruction. But Jordan is also besieged by a terrible need to save something. He dreams of a shadow people and of mysteries. In school, he learns in Religious Studies how to meditate, to understand dreams and OBE – out of body experiences. But when his brother is in the hospital, Jordan has the strangest dream of all. His brother’s spirit introduces him to Lavender Shop – where Jordan discovers a scroll that is somehow connected to him. Now Jordan is on a mission to find his destiny and understand his foreboding dreams that are guiding him. A book about understanding dreams will help lead him through the journey. The more Jordan unravels his future premonitions, the more the past races up to catch him.

"THE BOY WHO DREAMS" is a well written book with interesting characters, dialogue and a vibrant setting. The writer has a wonderful way of describing Jordan’s surroundings and bringing to life the boys intense dreams and nightmares. Jordan is as likable as they come, struggling with his brother’s untimely death and also the average teen issues of fitting in at school and even bullying. The setting of the story is also enhanced by pictures throughout the book. Cesar has written a well-rounded novel full of mystery and intrigue that anyone of most age groups can read and enjoy. A remarkable read filled with adventure.