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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Review of "Wizard" by Author Paula G. Paul

MAGIC FUN, April 25, 2012
This review is from: Wizard (Paperback)

Fifteen year old Meghan is from the sixth century and sister to the famous Merlin. Meghan is a wizard, who prefers a wizard's wand to a witch's wand. For her own protection, Meghan is sent from ancient Avalon into the future to what was supposed to be eleventh century Amoika. There she was supposed to meet up with Tredwal, a friend to her brother and the boy she loves. But something goes wrong and Meghan ends up in 21st Century, America. The young wizard is stunned by the changes in the world, thinking new technology is a form of witchery. Professor Benton Kingsolver and his son Ryan, are equally fascinated by the young woman, eager to help her. What follows is an attempt for magical Meghan to adapt to her new life as she becomes modernized and sent to school, where she will face the many challenges of being an everyday teenager and fitting in with her peers.

WIZARD is a charming story of mischief and fun. Meghan's viewpoint into the modern world borders on hilarity as she tries to use magic to control situations with humorous outcomes. Dating current day boys also brings interest to the mix. I enjoyed this refreshing tale of a teen's struggle to find herself as she gives up the past to begin a new future. Well done!