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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Enjoyable Read! "The Pond" by Award Winning Author Tamera Lawrence

"The Pond"

"Enjoyable Read!" *****

Author: Tamera Lawrence

Since childhood, Mike Adams has had a guilty conscience about the accidental death of his best friend Carl. After arranging a play date with Carl at his home, Mike's family was called out of town due to a death in the family.

The Adams' servant who answered the door sent young Carl away in the middle of a raging snow storm. Carl's mom dropped Carl off on her way to an appointment, and was not scheduled to return for several hours. Carl decides to walk home. Carl takes a short cut through Fanny's Farm.. Thinking that the pond was frozen solid Carl begins to cross the pond, and the semi-frozen pond cracks. Carl goes under and drowns.

When the Adams family returns home, it several days before Mike learns of his buddy's death. Carl's death is not spoken of in the Adams' home and Mike's knowledge of what happened is limited to information garnered from conversations that overhears.

When Mike returns to the family mansion, with his own family, and begins asking questions, unexplained events begin to happen. After the occurrence of a number of inexplicable events, Mike begins to suspect that his elderly neighbors the Grays are connected to both Carl's drowning and the strange events occurring at his home.
The Pond is a rated PG tale of suspense. The lack of violence, explicit sex, and profanity makes The Pond an enjoyable read for young adults as well as mature adults.

The paranormal ending was a surprising twist. Paranormal and Fantasy are very popular among young adult readers. The author maintains suspense throughout the story by slowly doling out information.
"The Pond" available in Paperback Here and also available in Kindle Format for $2.99 Here!