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Monday, September 3, 2012

Book Review of Hewhay Hall By Author by Susan Roebuck

Hope. It’s such a simple word. Yet it’s what drives most of us. Hope for a brighter future. Hope for wealth, happiness, health. So when firefighter Jude Elliot loses a leg due to a bomb explosion, he has a hard time adjusting and suffers from traumatic stress disorder. But hope flairs anew in Jude as he discovers there is a place called Hewhay Hall – a place with innovative medicine and refined rehabilitation. It might just be able to turn Jude’s life around. So begins Jude’s quest to find the elusive Hewhay Hall. But all is not what it seems. For Hewhay Hall holds a dark seductive mistress and birdlike creatures. So what begins as a hopeful journey into the dark English swampland quickly turns to survival against evil.

HEWHAY HALL by Sue Roebuck is a true page turner. It held my attention from page one with its distinctive characters and unique setting. Then came the horror of Hewhay Hall and I was hooked till the very end. Jude Elliot was as likable as they come. Equally compelling was Tess as she tries desperately to find Jude. Miss Verity Slater was vile and fascinating. I couldn’t wait to see what made her tick and was not disappointed in the find.

HEWHAY HALL was a fascinating read that made me squirm a bit. I really enjoyed this horrific tale and would like to see more works from this talented author. Wonderful read!