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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Christmas Blessings

****  Stars:  Reviewed by Author Tamera Lawrence 

Christmas time is a time of celebration, a time for family and friends to get together. It’s also a time to think about peace and good will towards men. CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS is a sweet little book that brings a mixture of poets and writings from some special authors, who in their own words are describing what Christmas means to them in spirit, thought and in song. Charles Dickens shares his thoughts on the journey of people’s lives, as well as Laurel Ingalls Wilder,  Walter Scott and Rudyard Kipling – just to name a few. Bible passages ring out with joy and hope. The bible story is touched upon. Heaven and earth will sing with angelic zealous. The child in all of us comes to life this time of year.  These simple words are meant to enlighten, inspire and bring about a hope for a brighter tomorrow.
CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS by author Donald Zolan is a beautifully illustrated book with colorful pictures of an angelic variety.  The simple messages are filled with words of hope, compassion and the belief in a Christmas miracle that happened in Bethlehem so many years ago.  by Tamera Lawrence