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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

THE FLORDIA TIME UNION: Book Review of Ghosts of Mayflower

Book Review: 'Ghosts of Mayflower: A Pennhurst Haunting' by Tamera Lawrence

Posted: October 20, 2013 - 8:05am

Pennhurst, the Pennsylvania State School and Mental Asylum, was built in 1908. Social misfits, the psychologically disturbed and epileptics, including children, lived there — some for their entire lives. Before it closed in 1986, more than 10,000 people passed through its doors.
Some believe that many never left. Are there hidden graveyards underneath and around the asylum?
The former institution is now a haunted attraction that thrill-seekers pay to visit (See Actors with painted faces carry chains and scare people. But for the real ghost hunting, there are no actors. Customers equipped only with flashlights explore the first and second floors of the huge dilapidated Mayflower building, the source of numerous sightings and the setting for many paranormal shows.
Why do the flashlights’ new batteries go dead, and why is it so cold inside?
Tamera Lawrence worked as an attraction “orderly” in the Mayflower building from September to November in 2011. This frightening, enlightening story is her chronological, detailed account of what happened on her watches at the asylum and the eerie events that occurred at her home soon thereafter. Photographs are included.
Did something follow her home from Pennhurst?
“Ghosts of Mayflower: A Pennhurst Haunting” is an informative, historical, page-turner. Tamera writes in a straightforward, easy-to-read style and comes across as credible and competent. She certainly gives readers something to think about, especially those who plan to visit a haunted house, cemetery or other creepy locale.
Be careful what you go looking for, because you just might find it. Or it might find you when you’re not looking.
Richard Moore lives in
Orange Park.