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Sunday, July 6, 2014



 Does evil exist? Not just any kind of evil, but a true evil that can possess a human soul? That is the question facing Officer Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana) in the movie DELIVER US FROM EVIL. Officer Sarchie has little faith in all that is holy and no belief whatsoever in what’s considered unholy. Officer Sarchie blames crime on human nature.  It’s obvious from the beginning just how mind numbing dealing with crime in New York has affected the officer.  But that all begins to change when Ralph is faced with the malicious actions of seemingly once normal people who’ve appeared to have come under some kind of demonic possession. Officer Sarchie and his family become targets of supernatural forces.  It will take brawn, faith and the help of an exorcism priest to fight the evil in their midst. 

DELIVER US FROM EVIL is based on true events in Officer Sarchie’s life. A scary thought indeed.  One only has to pick up the paper or watch the news to see evil pop up its ugly head. But is it human nature or something more darker?

DELIVER US FROM EVIL is an intense movie that runs on a pretty good clip.  There is a familiar feel to the story as Hollywood has created similar gory scenes before. However, there are a few scares in the mix. If anything, it wasn't boring.

An interesting note: Today Officer Sarchie is now a well-known demonologist believing in his cause.

Reviewed by Author Tamera Lawrence aka Tammy Tattles