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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Miracles From Heaven: Movie Review

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From the birds, trees, flowers and yes even the bugs we see a rejuvenation of life each spring. The days begin to warm. The grass grows. Summer vacations, picnics and swimming may stir our thoughts. In many ways we ourselves wake from our winter stupor. But for many believers in faith spring is also a sign of life returning to the earth - in many ways resembling the resurrection of Christ. Some might even say spring is a miracle in its own right. But do miracles exist? Would we even know one if we saw it?

For the Beam family, they were in desperate need of a miracle.  Their daughter Annabel, has a stomach disorder, which prevents her from digesting her food. At first their pleas for help in the medical community are swept away. But further testing proves that indeed Annabel is suffering from an intestinal disorder that can take her life at any time. The outlook is grim. Thus begins a regime of medicine and tubal feedings. The family finds renewed hope in an out-of-state doctor that specializes in Annabel’s condition, but managing to see this doctor is a costly feat in itself. In the end this wonderful specialist only offers pain management for Annabel, to help give her a semblance of a normal existence.

Annabel’s sisters try to cheer up their depressed sister. Soccer and climbing trees is a sisterly favorite. But when Annabel falls into a hollowed out tree, this terrible accident leads to an incredible miracle.

Need your faith revived? Miracles from Heaven, though a tear jerker, can aim you in the right direction. If you liked faith based movies, than you will not be disappointed. I enjoyed this movie more than some of the more recent faith based features. Perhaps many of us will never encounter such a spectacular miracle such as the Beam family, but maybe we can discover those smaller miracles that only we can embrace and claim for our very own.

Reviewed by: Author Tamera Lawrence 


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