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Friday, September 23, 2011

Meeting up with Childhood Friends

Everyone begins life as a child. There are key components of our personalities that have always been and there are traits we have acquired either through life experience or through the people we have known. The end result is a hodge-podge of qualities that one could never foresee and some that have been intact the moment we drew our first breath. All of these qualities are the ones that we have collected during childhood, teenage hood, and finally adulthood.

While it seems safe to wonder if some acquaintances have ever changed at all, these thoughts are only a portion of the emotions that one goes through when moving “back home.” Those childhood friends that were beloved and those who tormented us at the playground are now law-abiding, tax-paying neighbors, some with children of their own. Mike, the main character in “The Pond” finds himself going through these experiences and trying to make sense of his thoughts.
He struggles to find a glimpse or glimmer of recognition of the child he remembered going to school with and only finds a middle-aged man sitting in his dental chair feeling strangely vulnerable on many levels. The vulnerability may seem to be on a childlike level, but after moving the conversation from the school yard to the dental office, the tone and the conversation take on a darker hue.

The innocence of childhood may be buried at the bottom of that Pond.

Award Winning Author Tamera Lawrence

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