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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Guest Post: A Handful of Thoughts, Courtesy of Author Tamera Lawrence

By Jill Elizabeth posted this on October 27th, 2011

Today’s guest post consists of a handful of thoughts (originally presented as blog posts) by author Tamera Lawrence whose novel "The Pond" is now available.


Subliminal events that evoke feelings of “Hometown”

Summers always remind me of celebrations and gatherings especially when I was a kid. The frequency just seemed to naturally come in quick succession. There’s Mayday, the last day of school, summer camp, Fourth of July, country fairs and family vacations. All of these events make me think of warm weather and good times.

As I was writing “The Pond,” I wanted to build upon the idea of creating an ambiance that spoke to the memories of home that we all share. After all, if readers can’t relate to the subject of your story, then the story will be spoken but never heard. One of those memories for me was going to the fair each year. The whiff of cotton candy and candied apples while walking well-worn paths to the Ferris wheel and other rides all come flooding back to me. I am betting that you recall the same general memories too. Those types of memories are what help to shape a story like “The Pond.”

I’ll be writing more posts about “relate-able” events and memories because I think they are an important part in telling a story that has plot lines and situations that are horrifying. Most people don’t experience some of the events that Michael Adams and his family did in their new home. Tying the common thread among us helps to bring the reader along for the ride and experience a roller coaster of emotions.

The roller coaster is ready and waiting for you!
Panic Attacks

According to Wikipedia, the definition of a “Panic Attack” is as follows:

"Panic attacks" are very sudden, discrete periods of intense anxiety, mounting physiological arousal, fear, stomach problems and discomfort that are associated with a variety of somatic and cognitive symptoms. The onset of these episodes is typically abrupt, and may have no obvious triggers.

If you have ever suffered from one of these attacks, you will quickly discover that there is nothing psychosomatic about this disorder. It seems that at one time or another, everyone has experienced some form of a panic attack. I know some friends who have difficulty with this horrible attack and the experience can be terrifying.

The type of attacks can vary by including one or a combination of feelings or physical agitation:
Trembling, fear, rapid breathing, feeling of having a heart attack, heart racing, sweating and mind racing and a host of other types of emotions and physical feelings.

Sometimes, describing a fearful situation can bring on a panic attack…in my book, “The Pond,” I wrote the main characters to have similar experiences with panic attacks that they never had before. Why? Perhaps just reading about a panic attack can bring one on. The only cure is to buy a copy of the book, “The Pond” and read it!

Are You Affected by Local Legends where a Young Boy drowned in a Pond?

When I was growing up, legend around town was that a certain old bridge hidden by foliage from the road was “haunted.” I don’t know if it is fact, but people’s curiosity confirmed that if nothing else, the mystique was there. Legend was that a young mother was walking over a bridge one day, lost her footing and accidentally dropped her child in the water below. And, according to the locals, her ghost walks the bridge searching for her child. Curious onlookers (usually teenagers) still visit the bridge and listen for the sounds of her steps.

This type of folklore has always intrigued me. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to put this type of theme in “The Pond.” The idea that a legend can sustain and thrive in this day and age simply by word of mouth from generation to generation rekindles the art form of storytelling. Think back to your past; do you remember folklore in your hometown? When you read “The Pond” it will make you wonder whether the folklore is fact or fiction.

"The Pond" is available in Paperback for $16.95 and you can purchase here for you or to give as a gift.

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