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Wednesday, December 11, 2013



 by Tamera Lawrence


My name is Jon. For 9 months I’ve been sober, or maybe not quite. There was a time when I had to detox from the opiates I was addicted too. I was given morphine to help me with the withdrawal symptoms. My hands would tremble. I didn’t want to eat. My reflexes were slow. I had trouble sleeping. In the hospital I needed to stay in a dimly lit environment. I was cranky.  Noise bothered me. I didn’t understand what my body was going through. I just knew I didn’t feel good. So I would arch my back and scream in frustration. Even the arms that tried to hold me through my bad days brought me little peace. But in time I started to feel better. I even learned to smile,

My name is Jon and today I am nine months old. Today I am nine months sober.

Babies are born every day to drug addicted mothers. If you are pregnant, please seek medical help so that your baby can have the best possible chance for survival. Don’t lie to the people who only have you and your baby’s best interest at heart. Don’t let your child suffer because of  bad choices. Take the first step and get help. You have nine months to give your baby the best chance for a healthy beginning.
Jon has a bright future. But he suffered needlessly because of a neglectful parent.  

Don’t make the same mistakes his mother made.

If Jon can get sober, can’t you? Isn't your baby worth it?