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Monday, December 2, 2013


The Color of Home

The Color of Home by Rich Marcello

Nick Satterborn is on a mission. He is mesmerized by the beautiful, elusive Sassa Vikander, determined to get into her head and find out what makes her tick. Determination pays off when Sassa is slowly exposed piece by piece as Nick falls fast in love with her and the two finally move in together. Although the currents that bind them run deep, Sassa has scars, not only physically from a car accident but deep in her expressive soul. But Nick’s determination to find a way to make the relationship last keeps him preoccupied with seeds of doubt. Will their love survive over the test of time?  Or can true love prevail in a world that all too often calls it quits?


The Color of Home by Rich Marcello is a captivating love story between soul mates destined to live together as one.  Good food, wine and music are abundant in this heart felt tale set in New York. The author did a great job of digging into the heart and souls of his characters and bringing them to life. Also compelling is the atmosphere in which they find one another and the deep seated conversations that bind the gaps between the pair. The Color of Home is an ideal love story that takes a reader far from the physical aspects of a relationship and instead brings into play the love that truly binds those who were meant to be. A good read by a talented writer.
Reviewed By: Author Tamera Lawrence