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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

THE BOY Movie Review

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THE BOY Movie Review

Finding a live-in nanny can be a tedious task, especially when the job location is secluded and isolated. Even if a prospective nanny could overcome the isolation issue, she must be able to connect with the child or children in her care and be able to handle the task at hand.

This is a perfect hideaway for someone looking to be lost.
Greta is happy to find employment.  The old English mansion is impressive, nostalgic and a perfect place to hole up for a few months.  She is eager to meet her new charge, an eight-year old boy, named Brahms. But to her disbelief, Brahms is a life size porcelain doll, whose parents dote on his every whim. Imagined or not, Greta is given a set of daily rules to keep Brahms happy. If she fails to follow the schedule, she is warned Brahms might get upset. But after Brahms parents leave for a holiday, Greta is only too happy to dismiss the ridiculous rules and treat Brahms like the doll he is.  Only, Brahms isn’t too happy with his new treatment, In fact, he plays a few nasty tricks on Greta to assure her he’s real. The question then becomes, “Will Greta follow the rules or pay the price?”

Mixing a blend of mystery and suspense, THE BOY has a few perks for thrill seekers. But with any good horror story, there has to be a few twists. The Boy delivers on a few, though some of them feel rather familiar.

 Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.

Author Tamera Lawrence