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Tuesday, February 2, 2016



Coastal storms. They wreak havoc on shorelines, structures and lives. History reveals the devastation and loss during these storms. But out of destruction, tales emerge of courage and bravery. Thankfully the magic of movies makes it possible for us to take a glimpse into the past.
Based on a true event, the movie The Finest Hours gives a glimpse into the courageous human heart. One could hope that if faced with a perilous situation, men like these heroes would emerge to save each and every one of us from peril.
            The year is 1952. Bernie Webber is awkward and shy, especially around the ladies. He has the reputation of being “a good man.” Loyal to his duties with the coastguard, Bernie finds himself engaged to a gutsy, young woman. 
            On February 18th 1952, just off the coast of Cape Cod, the SS Pendleton has broken in half during a terrible winter storm. Rescuing the crew from the oil tanker, however, has its own sets of problems. Manpower is lacking since the coastguard is already helping another distressed tanker, ironically also split in two.  
The decision is made for Bernie Webber and three other men to take a lifeboat to rescue the men aboard the Pendleton. Two story lines emerge - one of the men fighting for their lives on what’s left of the Pendleton tanker and the other - the overwhelming task facing Bernie and his crew as they face an ominous ocean bent on destruction.
            Dread. Constant and true. That’s the feeling THE FINEST HOUR evokes while watching this film. Although the film starts out a little slow, when it takes you in, it takes all of you. Be prepared to roll emotionally along with the towering waves.
Loved this movie. Highly recommended.

Author Tamera Lawrence