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Sunday, August 27, 2017


Hide Your Fear by Kevin O'Brien

When a mother of two moves into a new house, she has no idea that she just stepped into her worst nightmare. Besieged by a cunning stalker, she begins to tap into the house’s tainted past. And worse yet, her daughter, an avid swimming competitor is being difficult – a bit of a brat. The teenager is angry with her mother for separating from her father, demanding they reunite.  But despite all the turmoil, local teens are disappearing at an alarming rate – their connection –swimming competitors with promising futures. But someone else is watching, deciding just who will step into his own brutal forum.  

Hide Your Fear will leave you feeling breathless as you anticipate the next move of a deranged killer. Well written, page turner. 

Held my attention to the very end.  

Author Tamera Lawrence