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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Winter Cold and Snow Can Bring Fun....... Danger too!

If you live in an area where winter cold brings ice and snow onto our lakes and ponds, you think of the fun of ice skating, ice fishing, ice hockey and the feeling you get walking across a frozen pond.

Unfortunately, along with the fun, you are also well aware of the possibilities of dangers that may also lurk. Expressions have even adopted these dangers as a warning to fit any situation. “You are skating on thin ice!” And, one of the most iconic Holiday movies begins with a group of boys sledding onto a pond with the assumption that it is frozen solid. In “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the main character saves his brother from drowning and loses his hearing in one of his ears. Is it an underlying metaphor to underscore the moral of the story? Perhaps, perhaps not.

The Novel,
“The Pond starts with details of a horrific frozen pond accident that is difficult to shake as a reader (since the incident really happened). As I was writing this book, even I found myself wincing at the characters and the experiences each one of them had to go through. I think you will find this book interesting as you learn more about each character and the demons they possess.

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