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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Strange Neighbors and How They Can Affect Your Home Life

We’ve all been there…either you tour one of the apartment homes or you go house-hunting and see the “perfect home” for you or your family. Then you run, not walk to pay the deposit, earnest money, whatever is required to secure the home of your dreams.Everything appears to be all that you imagined and more. As you begin to settle into your new home, you hear a knock at the door. After answering it, you discover your next door neighbors that have come to welcome you to the neighborhood! Sitting down and chatting, you begin to notice peculiar behavior, or is the conversation littered with innuendos and unspoken references? They appear to be nice, but yet; something is niggling you.

What do you do now? It’s the neighborly and polite thing to do by inviting them over for dinner or drinks, yet the last thing you want to do is bump into them. Now everything is ruled by whether or not they will be home or see you. So, that means, grocery shopping, running errands, visiting other friends must be planned so that the neighbors don’t see you leave the apartment or home. That
uncomfortable feeling refuses to go away.

What began as the “perfect home” is now your prison. If you can imagine this scenario, you will come to understand the anxiousness of Mike and Donna, the main characters in The Pond, a fictional bit mystery bit thriller by
Tamara Lawrence. Maybe you should meet the neighbors before you decide on moving!

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