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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guest Blog Post - Author Tamera E Lawrence

Q) Tamera, why did you become a Writer/Author?

A) Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by books and loved to read. My grandmother Gladis Evans was a poet and I was always fascinated that her poems were published. She inspired me to write. I love to write and have a great imagination. I love bringing stories to life.

Q) What types of books do you like to write?

A) Originally, I liked writing romance, mainly historical…which I still like to tinker with. But I found that I like to dig deeper into my imagination and write mysteries or thrillers. I like to make people squirm.

Q)Have you written any other books since “The Pond” ? Any other writing projects in process?

A) I have written a few books, but my main project is a book called WRECKER. I also am putting the finishing touches on a book called, THE SERPERNT’S KISS.

Q) What are other types of jobs have you held in the past?

A) In my teens, I was a waitress. From there, I went to work at AMP Incorporated. I started on the bottom level with file keeping and then moved up to a data input. After having my third child, I helped my husband with his contracting business and became self-employed.

Q) Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

A) Besides reading, I like gardening, walking and like to play softball. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed watching my kids in their various sports. My daughter likes to write and is a natural poet. In the fourth grade, she won first place in a poetry contest held in Berks County.

Q) If you can live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

A)I would never live anywhere but in the United States. I loved my country and I am proud of its history. I’d like to visit all the states…but alas time is short.

Q) Do you have any pets?

A) Right now, we have a cat named Emma. We decided to let her have a litter of kittens so my kids could experience nature firsthand. Emma is the proud mother of five kittens. We already have several promising homes for them. My daughter always has a pet of some kind, usually a hamster. Right now she wants a horse. Help!

Q) Where did you go on your last vacation?

A) Last vacation was spent at the NJ shore. We had a great week of weather and had a lot of fun.

Q) Do you have a favorite color?

A) Not really, but I like to wear dark colors. Sometimes, I wonder why? LOL

Q) Favorite movies?

A) I love the movie, Far and Away (since I’m part Irish) and of course, The Notebook. Thriller wise, I like What Lies Beneath.

Q) Favorite books?

"The Pond". Is this a trick question? No, really, my favorite romance is Shanna. I read a little of Koontz (Frankenstein series). My favorite inspirational book, Not My Will.

Q) What type of music do you like to listen to?

A) I like soft music, soft rock and a bit of country.

Q) Steak or Seafood?

A) Def. Steak. Can’t beat it.

Q) Do you have a favorite meal you like to have as often as you can?

A) I love spaghetti, but my waistline doesn’t. I am trying to stick to lean meats and lots of vegetables. I admit, I have a sweet tooth. I think you could call me a professional dieter, up and down, depending on the season.

Tamera, Thank you for your time and make sure you keep me informed on the updates of your new "Projects". If your new work is anything like "The Pond", "Then you can count on me to read. I loved "The Pond" and have to put it down on my favorite book list. "The Pond" is now available in Kindle Format for the great price of $2.99. Purchase Here!