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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where do you go when you Die?

When I was young, I was always told that when you die, there was a place in heaven for each of us if we were kind and generous to others.

It’s a nice thought and I’m one of many that believe in that concept. However, it does make you wonder once you pass on, where exactly do you go? Some people believe that once you expire, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. It’s just a matter of becoming part of the earth. I tend to think there is more to the other side. Why? It just seems that people who lapse into a clinical death will awaken again and describe such wonderful images and the relatives and friends that meet them. It sounds so wonderful. Yet, there are those who experience the same clinical death and tell horrifying experiences that makes me shudder. Why do different people see different things? Those types of questions won’t be answered until we experience it for ourselves.

Then, there is the occult side of things. That is what intrigues me as a writer. You are probably very familiar with this phenomenon. You know, the ghosts rattling chains in the attic and feeling the chill of a visitor from beyond as they hover around you. Writers are a strange lot at times…we are the ones that will drive by on a country road and see a cottage perched by a lake in the twilight and see a family inside, living their lives. What is the first thing a  does? They ask a question, “I wonder what they are talking about? What is their life like? Are they happy? Do they have secrets?”

Funny, that’s just how “The Pond” came to be.

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