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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Double Edged Sword

Have you ever visited a friend or relative over a weekend or school break? I think most of us have and look back on the memories fondly. While the main character, Mike in “The Pond” wasn’t away from home during his childhood years, it seemed as if he was due to his parents’ absence from his day to day life. So, the appeal of having a farm next door and other children to play with after school was largely a type of vacation for Mike.

When I wrote about his childhood, it was interesting to combine two features of his life. One being, that he loved playing with his best friend and spending time on the farm next door with a couple that fostered several children, who became built-in playmates! The other side of it being that he was a very lonely little boy as his parents had careers and were scarcely at home. He came from a life of privilege which carried a double edged sword of being lonely.

While the twists and turns in “The Pond” reveal the vulnerability of his being alone, it also gave way to his appreciation and enjoyment of those moments that were supreme childhood joy.

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