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Thursday, August 15, 2013



A Reliable Wife


To be reliable one must be trustworthy, dependable, consistent and of good character. In that sense, I would say that we are all unreliable to some degree. For haven’t we all let down someone who counted on us? A husband perhaps. A wife? Lover? Our children? Or how about a friend in need? Or what about that boss that expects a deadline to be met and it fails to happen? Despite trying our best efforts we all fall short of the mark. But it doesn’t keep most us from trying. But since we are all too human, mistakes are part of our existence.

When people are lonely, they might do something out of the norm for a bit of companionship. Thus is the state of Ralph Truitt, who has lived with his heartaches for many years and now has come to the realization that he needs someone in his life. So Ralph runs an ad for a reliable wife in a Chicago newspaper and soon finds himself facing a beautiful woman, which despite his reluctance will suit his purpose. But will Catherine Land be as reliable as he hopes? A dutiful wife, who despite Ralph’s wealth, will find simple pleasure in the way he chooses to live? Will she be kind? Faithful? Truthful? Fill the void in his heart?

Catherine Land has led a rough life. She comes to Ralph with secrets and ambition to find a new existence of leisure, eventually bringing along her lover for the ride. But when faced with the choices she must now make, Catherine finds that perhaps the void in her own heart might be the one thing money can’t buy.

A RELIABLE WIFE by Ralph Truitt is a bumpy ride of romance, lies, deception and murder. Set in Wisconsin 1909, the author did a fine job of bringing to life the rugged countryside as well as digging deep into his character’s souls. This was an interesting read meant for adults. The book is available through and other online outlets.

Reviewed by Author Tamera Lawrence: AKA Tammy Tattles: Berks County News  

Author of WRECKER, THE POND, GHOSTS OFMAYFLOWER & BEFORE I WAKE (coming fall 2013)  - all books available & Barnes & Noble