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Saturday, August 10, 2013




IS Elysium worth your time?
The year is 2154 and earth is a mess. The world is over populated, diseased and people have little hope for change. But in the distant sky, a glimmer of another world stands out. It’s Elysium – a space station that was designed by the rich and powerful as their own personal paradise.  Elysium is only a dream for ordinary folk, who struggle to make ends meet, working in cruel and sadistic environments. But people are suffering from disease and pollution. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare when they can get little to no help for a dying child.

Past criminal Max (Matt Damon) is trying to stay on the right path and mainly out of jail. But after exposure to radiation, he has only 5 days to live. Desperate to live, Max will do just about anything to stay alive, including being transformed into a robotic mess. But Max didn’t count on the determination of Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster) or her sadistic hit men, who are out to stop him and take over Elysium. As time begins to run out, Max and his team will have to make choices that will determine the course of earth’s future and perhaps save the love of his life’s little girl, who has Leukemia.

ELYSIUM is an action packed movie with all the twists movie fans will love. From the start Max is intriguing as his life quickly changes after a freak accident on the job. Now on a mission to get to Elysium for a cure, Max returns to his criminal roots and lives up to a nun’s insight.

Unfortunately Leukemia isn’t so easily cured today as it is in the movie. In Elysium’s miracle pod cancer can be cured within seconds, but in real life it takes time, patience and treatments that can have painful and unpleasant side effects. Sometimes the battle is lost.

 Childhood leukemia can attack children from the ages of 1-14 and is the most common of children’s cancers. But with today’s medical technologies, a child with Leukemia has a good chance for long term recovery.

Over all, ELYSIUM was a very entertaining movie and a good summer flick.

Review: by author Tamera Lawrence: AKA Tammy Tattles for Berks Mont News

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