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Friday, August 16, 2013





There is nothing like watching a creepy movie late at night at your local movie theater. Restless anticipation lingers in the air as the movie begins – the hope along the way – to get scared and walk away from the theater with a glad it was only a movie attitude.

But when a horror movie promises to be based on a true occurrence – the outcome is more troublesome. One now has to leave the theater wondering if there really was any truth to the tale or just Hollywood embellishment at its finest.

Thus is the state of THE CONJURING movie. This hair-raising paranormal flick is one of the best horror movies I have seen as of late. The cast of characters did justice to their parts as well as the striking unfolding of the plot.

The base is simple – a family moves into a haunted house - not unusual in today’s paranormal frenzied world. But the story grabs your attention right from the beginning as the house becomes alive with paranormal activity aimed at the entire family.  No one is safe from the evil intentions directed their way. One daughter sleep walks, (eerie in itself) the other messed with as she sleeps. The clapping game seems to delight the entity as it begins to toy with the family.  And things get progressively worse. Then comes Ed and Lorraine Warren. This special duo in demonology has quite a background as they become the family’s only hope for survival.

Today there are a lot of homes on the market, many of them foreclosures. Bank owned homes are often purchased in “as is” condition – meaning that the bank sells it just like it is, giving little or no information to a potential buyer as to the houses prior state.  That includes the history of a house.

Purchasing a home can be an exciting time for any family, especially kids. Mom and dad might be up to the challenge of a fixer upper.  The children excited by a new bedroom or back yard.

But what if you found out that a crime had occurred at the house, a suicide or murder? Would you still buy the property?  What if you found out about an incidence after you have made the purchase and already moved in? Would you walk away? Or would you grin and bear it? 

It’s an interesting dilemma - especially in a haunting. Those with a bit of faith might be up the challenge. But in THE CONJURING religious faith is lacking in the family, apparently aiding the evil entity in its cause. Divine intervention comes into play. One might leave the theater wondering about their own spiritual state.

Whatever you feel or believe, THE CONJURING is very entertaining and worth your time. A great summer movie for paranormal fans!


Reviewed by: Author Tamera Lawrence AKA Tammy Tattles: Boyertown Times: The Patriot & Tri- County