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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Circle of Life and the ashes of innocence

As adults, we have learned the process of grieving for those who have passed away. The process of being born, living life and dying is often referred to as The Circle of Life, as it is a constant . Someone, somewhere is being born, someone, somewhere is living and someone, somewhere is dying. And, it is also one of the most difficult aspects of being a human being – especially if someone’s life is taken tragically. Especially that of a child. It’s very difficult for an adult to deal with a child’s death, and I know it is extraordinarily difficult for other children to grapple with.

As an author, you will find bits and pieces of my life experiences in my books. In “The Pond,” I wrote about a boy who drowned in an almost frozen pond. As I was writing the story, I was taken back to the first time I experienced a classmate’s death as a child. I felt the confusion, shock and disbelief. Yet, I wasn’t able to verbalize these cumbersome emotions yet. Why? Because I was a child trying to understand something that seemed so much bigger than me.

I was one step closer to being an adult and it pained me to realize that my childhood innocence was one step further behind me. I guess I felt as if I was watching the ashes of my innocence smolder.

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