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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Have You Made Peace with YOUR Demons?

No matter how wonderful our childhoods may have been, there are still certain memories, places, people, relatives or experiences that cause some anxiety for us. Now, consider if we’ve had difficult childhoods laced with abuse, bullying, or any number of unpleasant experiences. How would you react if someone told you, “You will move back into your childhood home.”

Does it give you a warm fuzzy? Or does it make you feel ill? For those of us who have suffered traumatic or unpleasant childhoods, the idea will be dismissed immediately. If you’re one of those fortunate people that had a wonderful childhood, the idea sounds extremely tempting.

I thought it was an interesting concept. Why? Because in my book, “The Pond,” the main character feels that overall, he had a pleasant childhood. Of course, it wouldn’t be real life unless he experienced some hardships. But, his overall opinion of his childhood was pleasant. What if he moves back into his childhood home and begins to recall repressed memories? Did they happen? Or, is he simply feeling strange about living in his childhood home as a man?
Either way, the idea is intriguing. Memories can be sparked from a scent, a visual scene, temperature and a variety of other ways. Going back home may mean facing new memories which will certainly cause reflection. Will it change the core of your belief system? That’s something to consider. Find out how the main character in “The Pond” handles this situation.