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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Comes Next?

That is the most asked question I get about writing fiction! Most people can’t imagine sitting down in front of a laptop and writing a story from the depths of your imagination. While “The Pond” is fiction, the beginning was actually based on an actual event. The idea of I wonder what would happen when one of the children grew up? Would he wonder about possible motives? Perhaps the innocence of the event in his memory would tarnish with age? There were quite a few “what ifs?” that I found to be interesting.

I think that is how most writers construct a fiction book; by being inquisitive and have the imagination to allow your mind to conjure a plot. The revisions, changes and tweaks will most definitely be many, but at least there is the proverbial lump of clay to massage that will eventually morph into a polished, piece of art. The idea of letting your imagination run wild is both exhilarating and necessary. Sometimes I think young writers may be at a disadvantage in this area. It seems that as technology continues to explode, children become more interested in computer games and gadgets than reading or developing their imagination. I loved reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books as I was growing up, and am greatly influenced by her writing style. She was a master of telling a story, no matter how simple or delicate.

My advice to younger writers is to explore your imagination! And, if you are interested in gadgets, buy a Kindle and download my book (now available on Kindle), “The Pond.” Kindle $2.99