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Monday, July 25, 2011

Can't Judge a Book by its Cover

Have you ever wondered where parables come from? One of my favorites is “Never judge a book by its cover.” One of the reasons it catches my eye, aside from being a novelist, is that it’s a phrase that brings meaning on many levels and conjures a mental image to go with it.

I’m sure everyone has picked up a book with a great cover and began reading it; only to discover that the story was poorly written or just a bad story in general! Then, there are those gems that have a plain book cover and is a real page turner. That’s where the reference becomes interesting. For example, in my book, “The Pond,” I purposely chose characters that were seemingly warm, gentle, friendly and engaging. Those characters upon first glance were wonderful until I created their “true” personalities of dark, rough and seething anger only to be discovered through time and consequences.
Good writing is creating a good story. What I hope is great writing, is creating characters with depth and other layers of personality traits that become memorable and most importantly, real. I hope I was able to accomplish that in “The Pond.

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