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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Great Mystery Novel "The Pond" is in Kindle Format - for $2.99

"The Pond by Author Tamera Lawrence"

Product Description

Twenty-five years have passed since eight-year old Carl Weber drowned in Gray's pond and now one member of the Adam's family has returned to Kimberton, Pennsylvania, to reside again in the old family mansion. It is time for Mark Adams to revisit his past, and for his wife, Donna and daughter, Kim to become acquainted with their neighbors- a rather odd old couple who own the farm next door.

Each day, however, brings strange occurrences-increasing paranormal activity, till it becomes agonizingly clear that ghosts of the past are trying to make their presence known. But is it the dead the Adam's need to fear or someone with a more sinister appetite for murder?

You can still purchase in Paperback Format for $16.95   Purchase Here
Kindle Version for $2.99  Purchase Here  
Did you know you can send Kindle Versions of books as gifts? As long as the person has an email address you can send them a kindle.