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Friday, July 29, 2011

Book Review of "The Pond" - Author Tamera Lawrence

Reviewed by Fran L. for
Rating: ***** (Five out of Five Stars)

Author Biography

Tamera Lawrence was born on February 21st in Norristown, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Methacton High School. She loves to write and is an avid reader. THE POND is her first novel. Currently, she is working on several writing projects and loves to support other writers as they follow their dreams. Tamera also offers book reviews upon request.

Book Review

Eight-year-old Carl Weber died for no reason. When his mom dropped him off at his friend Mike’s house, the maid slammed the door in his face and left this poor child out in the cold. Hoping to find his way home, he decided to cut through what he thought was a frozen pond, only to meet a cold and frigid death. Twenty-five years later, when Mike Adams, his wife Donna, and seven-year-old daughter Kim move into his late mother’s mansion, unexplainable things begin to happen leading back to Carl’s death: things fall, break, and spill for no apparent reason, and the silence of the countryside is deafening. What is really behind his death and what is behind the unusual occurrences in this town?

Author Tamera Lawrence delivers an ending that is filled with strange and unusual surprises and a clever twist that you won’t expect. Not only are the characters well defined, strong and believable, but they blend together creating a compelling, heartbreaking story. Great read for those who enjoy a good mystery.

Tamera Lawrence
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