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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Trials & Tribulations of Newlyweds

For those of you that are married, do you remember the first several months of wedded bliss? When I think of newlyweds, the classic movie, “Barefoot in the Park” comes to mind. It’s a cute film about a couple that begins life blissfully happy with pollyanna dreams and as time passes, they become settled into real life.

What is real life? The usual points of contention which is how to spend money, bills, credit card debt, household duties and parenting issues. Oh, and a small issue known as problems with the in-laws! This problem has been parodied on countless television sitcoms such as Roseanne, The Honeymooners, The Dick Van Dyke show and more. While television has poked fun at this issue, the problem can be very real.
As a writer, I took this common issue and decided to use it to build tension in my book, The Pond.” Although the mother-in-law is briefly mentioned in the beginning of the book, I find it lends the type of emotion I wanted for the opening. And, the fact that the main character and his family are moving back into his mother’s home causes the daughter-in-law additional anxiety. Of course, her husband fails to see the true extent of his mother’s short comings which makes it all the more exasperating. Can she remove the stigma of living in her mother-in-law’s home? Can she make it her own? Can she finally put her in-law issues to rest? Find out by reading my book, “The Pond.”