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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Reviews of the Mystery Novel "THE POND"

*****The Pond: just 'jump in'!

This review is from: "The Pond" (Paperback) - "The Pond" Kindle Format - download today for $2.99

What a wonderful, engaging novel by Tammy Lawrence--"
The Pond" is a fast-moving,edge-of-your-seat mystery with lots of dialogue and family dynamics to add to the tension. I couldn't help but think of various theories of my own to solve the mystery of what REALLY happened at the pond, and was engaged all the way through to the end. I think you will be surprised with the ending, too!

**** Good Read!

By Kelly Schuknecht "Outskirts Press, Director" 

This review is from: "The Pond" (Paperback) "The Pond" (Kindle Format)

Something strange is going on in the Adams' family home! Michael Adams and his wife and daughter move back to his childhood home - an old home in a rural area with odd neighbors across the street where a young boy had drowned many years ago. Unexplainable things begin to happen around the house, such as a grandfather clock being overturned in a room by itself, objects getting broken or moved and strange appearances of frogs. Donna Adams finds herself investigating these occurrences to get to the bottom of what is happening to her family, and find out what really happened to Carl Weber that day.

"The Pond
" is a suspenseful thriller, sure to keep you interested until the very end. By Lisa Tomarelli