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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moving and the Affect on Children

Have you ever moved? Sure, at one point or another, we all move at least once or twice and for others, even more. For adults, it consists of wanting or needing to move. The usual tools of boxes, masking tape, box cutter,tissue and newspapers will be in your near future if you have made the decision to move. Whether it is across town or international; it can be a pain. There is packing, unpacking, learning our way in a new city and making new friends. It takes a bit of time to get acclimated and then moving becomes a distant memory.

What is it like for children? Leaving the only place they’ve ever known since coming into this world is incredibly difficult for them. The next bone of contention is leaving best friends, leaving their school and every other familiar place or person that they’ve grown accustomed to. Children who experiencing moving are also experiencing a major life change. It’s difficult because they have never experienced change before.

Change is associated with facing the unknown to a certain extent. The routine and consistency is now being changed. Children are creatures of habit. The trauma of moving is usually alleviated after they make new friends, become familiar with school and establish new routines. The fictional thriller, “The Pond” introduces the idea of leaving a childhood home. Not only leaving that home, but leaving unfinished business of mourning a best friend. This “unfinished business” picks up right where it left off when the child returns as an adult with his own family to live in his childhood home. The premise of this idea came to me and I found it an interesting idea to explore. Be sure to pick up my book, “The Pond” to read more about moving back to a childhood home.

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