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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Art of Raising Foster Children

When a couple agrees to be foster parents, what exactly should they expect? Certainly, it’s not quite the same as rearing your own children through day to day childhood experiences. The known fact is that fostering is temporary. So, how do foster parents treat these children? As if they are their own? Or, do they step back and parent with detached emotion? I believe the first idea is the desired result.
In the story of “The Pond,” the sweet, next door neighbors, who take this responsibility on, come up with ideas to occupy these children. These foster parents who are firmly rooted in their community and moral values could not have come at a better time for these children in need. As we know, it is difficult to place foster children in homes such as these. And, to hope for parents who are patient, loving and provide the guidance that is so needed in their lives is just a dream come true.

Any case manager stopping by to observe the home, parents and children surely would give extremely high marks. It’s all what we hope for…but is it what the children actually get?

You’ll never view neighbors the same way again. That’s a promise.

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